perfectionism vs. laziness = cookies and spaghetti casserole

I am avoiding my Christmas decorations.  I’m not exactly sure why but rather than put them up, I’m going to blog about the possibilities of why this is true.

My husband loves live Christmas trees.  And for the first 9 years of our marriage, I gave into his wishes and we would get a live tree.  But I had to take care of it.  One more thing on my always crowded “to-do list.”  So inevitably there would be needles everywhere, dried out branches, etc.  And I hated that we could hardly hang ornaments on the weak, droopy branches.  And I REFUSED to spend what is necessary for a “stronger” tree.

 Charlie Brown Christmas...

So this is our second year with an artificial tree.  I asked my parents for it for my birthday and I am SO happy with it!  We can set it up whenever we want…I don’t have to worry about getting a rash on my arms when I decorate it (did I mention that always happened to me?!), it already has lights on it…it is awesome.  The tree is up and the kids already decorated it.  I love hearing their joyful exclamations over forgotten and beloved Christmas ornaments so much that I am willing to forgive that most of them end up on the bottom third of the tree.  Besides they go to bed eventually, right?  So there is the possibility for some “decoration correction.”   Hey, that kind of rhymes.

But after the tree is up, I get a little burned out.  It’s not that I don’t have decorations…we have a lot.  And it’s not that I don’t love my house when it’s decorated…I do.  And I know when I avoid things it is usually for 2 main reasons…either I tend toward perfectionism or laziness.  (I really would prefer to use the word “overwhelmed-ness” but since it’s not technically a word, I went with a close cousin.) 

I really don’t have high expectations for Christmas decorating…I don’t think.  But I do want it to look nice.  We have some traditions that I like – stockings on the mantel, specific wreaths for the front door.  But then I think about tweaking things or trying to remember how I did it the year before.  Where did I hang that garland?  Will it look good on the front door? Do I have a ladder tall enough?  How will I hang it?  Will this packing tape work?  Forget looking perfect; it may not even get finished!



And then there’s the cold, hard fact.  This will ALL have to be put away in one month.  PUT AWAY.  And no one else is going to do it.  My kids hate putting stuff away even more than I do.  I am feeling a bit “verklempt” just thinking about all the work involved.  And fitting all the decorations back in the same bins from which they came???  Never seems to work. I think I am starting to hyperventilate just a bit. 

With the advent of Pinterest (like that little play-on-words?!), I feel even more pressure.  There are just so many possibilities out there.  Instead of using my same, tired decorations, I could make them look new and fabulous or make completely new ones!  But there does not seem to be time to do all that AND make Christmas cookies…which is a non-negotiable.  Not to mention Christmas shopping and wrapping presents and writing my Christmas letter and…

*sigh*  I need to start in July.

So today instead of opening the bins in my basement that contain beloved Christmas memories, broken ornaments, and smushed Christmas crafts of years past, I am trying a new recipe for spaghetti casserole and baking cookies.  I expect to get inspired to actually decorate for Christmas here soon.  It will probably happen 30 minutes before I need to drive my children to a soccer game…because then there is no pressure for perfection and no time to be lazy.  There is merely pandemonium and chaos. 

Ahhh…that’s more like it.

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