to be a boy

There is something extra sweet about a boy holding a baby doll. 

Of course it is precious to see a little girl playing with a baby doll.  Both of my girls went through their baby doll “phase” and it was lovely to see their tender touches, sweet kisses, and general care-giving of those little plastic babies.  There was also the cutting of the baby’s hair, the coloring all over the baby’s face with permanent marker, and the games of “toss the baby doll”…but I will focus on that behavior another time.  maybe.

My boys generally ignore baby dolls.  We still have a bin of them in our basement because 1. I can’t yet part with all of them.  2.  We have little girls over regularly who still love to play with them. and 3.  I avoid that toy-filled, overstuffed basement like the plague. 

The. Plague.

But every once in a while, my boys are drawn to those sweet little cherub faces, chubby arms and legs, and soft cushiony bodies.  They carry them around, give them kisses and hugs, diaper them lovingly, and feed them with their little teddy bear-shaped bottles.  It brings a tear to the eye.

And then comes the inevitable smashing of the baby to the floor in the latest wrestling match, seeing who can toss the baby and hit the ceiling fan, and again coloring of the sweet baby face with the green permanent marker.

I am sensing a pattern here…

But in those few tender moments, I see such love pour out of my boys.  It smells a bit like the snuggly hugs I get when they are out of the bath and fresh into pj’s.  It looks a bit like the hugs and back pats my boys give when they are reassuring or comforting one another.  And it feels a bit like those slobbery, adoring kisses they love to plant on me at the end of the day.

As a girl, I am aware of the unique and special relationship I can have with my daughters. 

But this boy “stuff” is new territory for me.  I grew up in a female-dominated household.  And the first 6 years of parenting my 3 daughters seemed very natural and familiar.  (Well, as natural and familiar as any new parenting experience can be…while also being extremely overwhelming and terrifying!)

Which brings me to a fellow blogger’s post about parenting boys.  It’s a mom’s list of how to raise her boys.  I loved it so much I asked her if I could repost.  So here is the link:

I hope you enjoy it.  It made me bawl like a baby.  And speaking of baby…I’m thinking that what I’m smelling is NOT from one of those dolls.  Off to diaper my own baby!

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