Back to School Again

Today is my first official day back in school as a teacher.  Although I am well-aware that “substitute teaching” bears a far less burden than full-time classroom teaching, I was still a bit apprehensive this morning, as I switched out my gray Converse comfies for my heeled camel-colored teacher boots.  I am blessed to return to the halls of Badin High, the school where I began and then ended my teaching career to begin a family; a hiatus that would span thirteen years and six children. The familiar smiles and warm encouragement offered courage and hope that it would all come back to me like the proverbial bike rider. Though there have been many changes – both in myself and to the school – in these past thirteen years, here are some things that I noticed today, on my inauguaral re-entry.


1.  Posters.  Where else do adults get to splatter posters all over their walls and have it be perfectly acceptable?

2.  Ceiling tiles and flourescent lighting = classic classroom.

3.  The girls still have better shoes and better fingernails than I do.

4.  You know the kid that acts all smart-aleky and silly, but then sits quietly and does his work?  He’s still there – and he might be my favorite.

5.  Being in a classroom this far away from the bathroom now and 13 (+6 kids) years ago is an entirely different experience.

6.  A turkey sandwich with string cheese, pretzels, and brownie in my 3 year old’s Avengers lunchbox was the perfect lunch.  But I can see why my kids tire of this by December.

7.  When I think of myself thirteen years ago, I cringe a little bit.  But the smiles, hugs, and chuckles I’ve received today remind me that there were some good parts, too.

8.  I used to do back handsprings across the gym floor.  The last time I did a somersault in the swimming pool, I was nauseous for 30 minutes.  No more back handsprings.

9.  The faculty lounge is still full of people who laugh a lot and love what they do.

10.  I still love high school kids.

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