I Remember You

In honor of my Grandma, Vivian Zander:


I remember you… in a large farmhouse with rooms to explore, a large sunporch for playing with cousins, frolicking kittens (oh, how I wanted to sneak them into the car with me),  a hay-scented barn, rusty scalloped lawn chairs, cow fields full of patties, ripe bursting blackberries.


I remember you…at the kitchen sink, preparing a large breakfast for me while your teenage daughters whisked by, Carnation Instant Breakfast shake in hand.


I remember you… defending my litle sister when I picked on her…I’m glad she had you in her corner when I wasn’t playing nice.


I remember you…packing a special pb&j sandwich for me because I didn’t like ham.


I remember you…providing the sugar bowl for us when we had to eat  your “grown-up” cereal for breakfast.


I remember you… baking pies. Chocolate, banana cream, coconut cream…almost every night. Heavenly delicious-ness.


I remember you… sobbing at Grandpa’s funeral. It made such an impression that I can still hear it in my memory. I’m overwhelmed with joy that you are reunited once again.


I remember you… always ready to talk about anything St. Louis Cardinals. I  loved that you were such a fan.


I remember you…playing cards. One time I collected the wrong hand in Shanghai Rummy, and I was devastated.  You let it count, even though you were extremely competitive. True grandmotherly love at its best.


I remember you…and your expressive face. My mom makes some of the same expressions sometimes and I’ve never been more thankful for that.


I remember you… sitting in a chair by the dance floor at my wedding. You may have been the only person I stopped dancing to talk to, and I’m so glad I did.


I remember you…telling me how difficult it was to spend so much time raising a large family that would one day leave you. And how proud you were of them, but how much you missed each one.


I remember you…not saying a word to me in line at Kate’s funeral, and then finding out later it was because my mom told you I was worried about hearing any cliched platitudes and not knowing how to respond. I am forever glad you were there AND spoke to me.


Please keep an eye on my girl until I get there.

I love you, Grandma. I will remember you.






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  1. Dad says on :

    She was a great person I’m glad you were able
    To spend such great time with her.

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