A Prayer for a Weary Mom on (yet another) Snow Day

I was looking up patron saints or prayers for moms who are struggling with having all their kids home day after day after day after day…sorry, you get the idea. This winter we have had extended snow days that have happened to occur after holiday breaks and long weekends, making for – well – LONG days. (ohmygoshsoveryverylong) I couldn’t find quite what I was looking for so I decided to write my own:

  • Please have mercy on me, your unwashed, unbrushed, flannel pant-wearing, smelly pink fluffy slipper-wearing, wreck of a mom just barely hanging onto her sanity with bitten fingernails.
  • Please help me to find a quiet place where they – won’t – find – me: to whine, complain, argue, and scream.
  • When they find me, please help me to remember to breathe inward only to gently release the breath instead of expelling it with the force of a large dragon that spews mighty fire after being awakened from gentle slumber where he finally eats the dainty delicious princess.
  • When they tell me no, and you’re mean, and I hate you, and you’re the worst mom ever…please whisk me away to fields of daffodils where I am 10 pounds lighter wearing a white dress with handmade eyelet trim on which no one will ever spill or wipe or pull.
  • When I tell them no you can’t bounce that basketball on my dining room table, and no you may not bite your brother’s butt, and no you may not roller skate on the stairs…please help me to stand firm in the nasty pile of dog poop left by the sweet puppy who won’t go in the snow.
  • At the moment I feel as though I might explode like the great volcano that devastated Pompeii, and reduce their little witty-bitty self-esteems into piles of withering ash, please remind me of their infant fingers curled around mine back before they could talk, or walk, or blow nasty raspberries directly into my stern face.
  • Please have mercy on me when I bake oatmeal raisin cookies because I know my kids won’t eat them – and eat them all myself – in one sitting – while re-watching Downton Abbey.
  • Please have mercy on me when I take 2 showers – one because I needed it, and one because the water drowns out their never-ending noise.
  • Please help me to remain lighthearted when I mock their whining because I haven’t made tacos yet, oh when are you going to make tacos, I’m going to starve, what can I eat.
  • Help me to speak their names in love and kindness instead of the bitter, biting fury of the negative windchills trapping us all in this house together in the first place.
  • Please grant me speed and gazelle-like grace instead of the oatmeal raisin-cooking-eating butt when rescuing the entire loaf of bread from scattering across the kitchen floor before the dog gobbles it up like she hasn’t been fed a steady diet of who-knows-what-is-really-in-that-dogfood.
  • Please – oh please – fill my mouth with words of love and encouragement when my wayward husband texts about his oh-so-rough day.
  • Please…
  • Help…
  • Me…
  • finish these tacos before this child spills another loaf of bread.


St. Jude, pray for us. (Patron Saint of hopeless causes)

St. Monica, pray for us. (Patron Saint of mothers, married women, and alcoholics)



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  1. Gerri says on :

    loved it Becky. What a tough cookie you are. And so Spiritual. Always enjoy you BS

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