“Yes” to 41

I turned 41 today. And if I had to describe this day in one word, it would be “Yes.”

Yes to 5 kids and 1 husband singing an outrageously racous version of Happy Birthday complete with Cha-Cha-Cha’s and whoops and hollers.

Yes to handmade cards that said, “I love you Becky” (from the 6 yr. old) and an original song performed which included the lyrics, “You teach me that I’m special just the way I am.”

Yes to the newly-turned 4 year old remembering to wish me a Happy Birthday before he asked for his strawberry milk.

Yes to specialty cake eaten with coffee – for breakfast.

Yes to a shower that wasn’t rushed.

Yes to the necklace that physically reminds me of her presence when her body cannot.

Yes to a BMV where people are smiling and to (FINALLY) replacing that 9 months-pregnant picture from 4 years ago.

Yes to a (DOUBLE) fish filet meal and permission to eat the whole, entire thing by myself – ’cause GIMME THAT FISH.

Yes to candles in fudgery and the true fire of the Holy Spirit resplendant in 4 lovely women.

Yes to casual conversation with 2 of the most important forces in my life – my mom and my husband.

Yes to guilt-free Candy Crush.

Yes to starting the week’s laundry because that’s just what I do to serve this family I love.

Yes to ignoring the sink full of dishes because sometimes time is better spent throwing headers to the soccer girl.

Yes to an IPA with fudge, and altogether too many calories for one day, and just being okay with it because you only turn this age one time.

Yes to run-on sentences just for the sake of run-on sentences that follow this crazy, blessed stream of consciousness.

Yes to Facebook for connecting me with old and new and temporary and permanent friends who took a few seconds out of their day to bless mine.

And Yes to 2014 and 41 for all the days I’ve had and the days yet to come – the struggle and the light and the change and the love.



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