The Work of Christmas

I found myself praying for strangers as I was Christmas shopping this year – the stress on people’s faces, the grim looks as dollar after dollar was being spent on STUFF. Stuff the stockings, stuff the boxes, stuff the houses… how many were in the very act of putting themselves in debt. It felt extremely HEAVY.
I love Christmas for what it represents to me as a Christian. I love the way it still feels magical as friends and family (and even strangers) reach out in loving ways toward one another. But I DON’T love what our westernized culture (myself included) has allowed Christmas to become.
In a prayer I read to my students yesterday, it said that “Heaviness is not from my kingdom.” If Christmas was about the very incarnation of the kingdom here on earth, and that kingdom isn’t heavy, then what in the heck am I witnessing and participating in? And what should I be doing instead?


The work of Christmas


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